About us

Our team

TechHive is a team of co-thinkers united by our similar values and passion for technology. We are eager to continuously improve our processes and skillls to deliver solid digital solutions that last.

We deliver high quality service and expertise, just like the world's leading companies do or even better.

Our values

Care more

We care a lot about our clients, each other, and the communities we operate in.


Stand in my clients' and colleagues' shoes first.
Actively seek out and address what is wrong.
Treat the company's money like my own.


Let fear stand in the way of what's right.
Use numbers as an excuse.
Mindlessly apply process.


We're always looking to improve. We challenge ourselves to learn about the cutting edge and harness it.


Whatever barriers I face, I will think creatively
to achieve the desired results.
Make courageous decisions.
Learn from my mistakes and celebrate our achievements.


Give up when we face challenges.
Stop investing in education.

Kill Complexity

We are obsessed with making things simpler for our customers and each other – we manage complexity so our customers don't have to.


Make things easy for anyone to understand.
Be plain dealing.
Start and finish with the customer’s outcome at the front of our minds.


Create a new process unless it is critical to our success.
Involve people just to cover myself.
Re-invent the wheel.

Create Future

We take a long-term view to build a better and more sustainable future for everyone.


Leave something behind that’s much better than what I found.
Make decisions to be as proud of in years' time as I am today.
Invest in the community I operate in.


Drive purely for short term gain.
Change our path unless it delivers more.
Damage our heritage.

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